The Stairs

The Stairs

If you live in Los Angeles County then you know what the stairs are and how much Los Angelenos love visiting this coveted spot in Culver City, CA. Nestled adjacent to West Los Angeles College, the stairs offer a scenic view of surrounding communities and downtown Los Angeles (if you can make it to the top).

Winding pathways lead to the summit where you have access to the visitor's center and another landing with a natural habitat and seating area for those who need to take a break before making their way back down.

We recommend bringing along a power snack, fresh fruit, and plenty of water to stay hydrated if you're planning a trip to The Stairs. If you're looking for a workout that will challenge you and test your endurance, then this scenic spot is for you.


6300 Hetzler Rd.
Culver City, CA

protein snack

Why We Love It:
Tests endurance and one heck of a leg workout!